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If you're a cycling enthusiast and enjoy long rides in nature, Abruzzo offers many opportunities to enjoy the scenery on 2 wheels. Our partners offer rental services and organized tours that allow you to discover the most beautiful views of the region in a sustainable way, respecting the surrounding environment.


The Adventure Park in Castel di Sangro is a fun oasis immersed in nature, where you can test your agility with acrobatic courses between the trees, Tibetan bridges, and zip lines. Suitable for all ages, it is an exciting experience that will make you feel like a real explorer. In addition, the park also offers a picnic area and a refreshment point for a tasty break.


Our facility is located just 150 meters from the Tennis Federal Center, which has a total of 16 outdoor courts, including 2 clay courts and 2 paddle courts, one of which is covered and the other uncovered. In addition, there are also 2 covered tennis courts, which are heated during the winter months and equipped with a double membrane covering and cushioned resin surface.


If you prefer walking, there are many hiking trails that will allow you to discover the natural treasures of Abruzzo. From mountains to national parks, local guides will lead you through scenic paths and nature reserves, where you can observe the flora and fauna and breathe the fresh mountain air.


Horse riding is a tradition rooted in the rural environment of Abruzzo, and there are many stables in the region where you can ride in the company of experienced instructors. You can explore the hills and countryside on horseback, breathing the rustic atmosphere and enjoying the peace and tranquility of nature.


If you're an adventurer, a quad excursion is the right activity for you. With a powerful and versatile vehicle, you can tackle challenging routes through hills and mountains, crossing streams and rivers and reaching breathtaking views. With expert guides, it will be an unforgettable experience that will make you feel alive and free like never before.